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Since the birth of man, there’s been one continuous desire: power. This can mean different things to different people. Power can be wealth, or it can be responsibility. A consistent theme with power is that it brings a happy side-effect in tow. Do you know what that is? Girls.
That leads us onto man’s second most desired thing in life: sex. Often the end reward of a lengthy seduction process and (if you’re lucky) the expense of a date, the male lust for women is a powerful thing. Kings and rulers have kneeled for it. Strong men have died for it. Saxon is here to save you time, money and (potentially) your life.
Saxon is Goodwin Smith’s girl magnet. It’s the scent that gives powerful men immunity to the clutches of a sensuous broad - no matter how curvaceous or beautiful. It makes her weak at the knees. Contrary to what history will tell you, it makes her yield.

The natural element of wood and fruit in this fragrance make it a great accomplice for all seasons - lending itself particularly well to dinner events, autumn and first dates

Notes:​ Oakmoss, blackcurrant leaves, vanilla and bergamot Key descriptors:​ fruity, fresh and enticingly moreish.